Happy Idaho Day!!! Today marks a commemorative day that was created by the Legislature in 2014. The reason for this spectacular day is to celebrate “the rich history, cultural diversity, unique beauty and boundless resources” of the gem state. According to The Idaho Press, The Senate had music and ceremony with comments and passage of a resolution in the House commemorating the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Idaho state Capitol.

The 2014 legislation voted unanimously to make today officially Idaho Day. President Abraham Lincoln signed the congressional act creating the Idaho Territory on March 4, 1863. It encouraged Idahoans to display state and U.S. flags on Idaho Day on March 4 each year. Now there are some more updated ways to celebrate our beloved gem state...

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The Idaho State Historical Society dedicated this year’s celebration theme to “Capitol of Light.” This is in respect to Idaho's Capitol building and its architectural design that uses light shafts, skylights and reflective marble surfaces to capture natural sunlight to light up the building’s interior. The Capitol’s original architect, John E. Tourtellotte said many years ago, “The great white light of conscience must be allowed to shine and by its interior illumination make clear the path of duty.”

Today’s commemoration and celebration of Idaho will be from 6p-7p tonight and will include a virtual “History Happy Hour” and a celebration of “100 Years of the People’s House.” To check out more and to register for the free event go to the Idaho website here.


Boise Mayor McLean posted:

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