For several years now, the Ada County Sheriff's Department has hosted the Shop with A Sheriff program.  This is an event where disadvantaged children are selected for a two-hundred-dollar shopping trip with an officer.  Each child gets a new pair of shoes, several winter outfits and some toys for the Holidays.  The most heartwarming thing about the event is seeing how the kids spend their money on their family members instead of themselves.  It seems that even as a child, our moms were correct when they told us that it is better to give than to receive.   

The event is financed by donations from citizens and businesses in Ada County.  The children are selected and screened by a committee of local law enforcement officers. 


The goal of Shop with A Sheriff is helping these kids in more than just a financial way, but also to show them that in a potential crisis, they have someone that they can turn to.  It’s another way that the Ada Country Sheriff’s Department can interact with kids and breakdown the barriers that often exist between the two.   

This year’s event was held at the Walmart at Ten Mile in Meridian after a breakfast at the Meridian Eagle’s Lodge.   

For more information about the program or to donate, click HERE. 

Information from KIVI-TV was used in this article.