How does this sound?  Sunshine and mid 80's?  It seems like we had a good solid two weeks of perfect Spring weather here in Boise and then this FRIGID COLD hit us which is so deceiving.  I look out into the beautiful sunshine with birds chirping, trees blooming and the second I walk out the door I quickly run back in for a jacket or overcoat.

That's all about to change because shorts and t-shirt weather hits us this weekend!  Hallelujah!!  Now I understand how bent out of shape everyone gets when the weather forecasts are not 100% accurate so I'm going to give you three different sources to choose from and just an F.Y.I., all three say pretty much the same thing.  Yay!


Credit: KTVB

Hang in there for another day or two because this weekend is going to be LIT.  Ha!  Did I just really use that word?  Let's bust out a few more solid days at work and I'll see you guys on the Greenbelt.  ☀️☀️☀️