With Boise having a record or near-record heat, you may be experiencing a record amount of sweat. You will need to stay hydrated over the next few days and stay near a place with air conditioning. If you don't have AC, your air conditioning is out, or you're just too cheap to run it, here are some ideas to stay cool:

1.) Put in some extra time at work. It's the last place you'd typically think about going on a weekend, but your office has free AC, and you could get ahead on next week. Maybe bring the entire family with you. They can help you with your work or watch TV in the conference room.

2.) Fill up a kiddie with ice! You don't have to put your whole body in, but if you inch your way in, you'll be reminded of Lucky Peak in July.

3.) Freeze your sheets. Seriously, my mom used to do this, and people would think she was crazy. Maybe, but mostly she was cheap. Putting your sheets in the freezer was much more cost-effective than running the AC. Take it from me, after your sheets spend an hour with those frozen peas, you'll feel like you slept in McCall in February, not Boise in August.

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