The adoption process is long, expensive, and emotionally taxing, but I can guarantee you that if you ask any adoptive mom and dad, they'd say, "it's worth it". To finally have the family they've always wanted, and to give a child a forever home is something that isn't always possible. But one organization is making it possible for our service members to make that dream a reality.

During 4th of July weekend of 2017 in Donnely, our community lost Erin R., a sister, wife, daughter, soldier, and mom in a tragic house fire. Unfortunately, in that same awful incident, her 6-year-old "ray of sunshine" Autumn McCall also perished. Autumn was the final piece that completed Erin and Mitch's family; she was adopted. To keep their memory alive, their family is making it possible for others to receive that same gift.

The 1SG Erin R. and Autumn McCall Family Foundation is dedicated to helping those who serve our county complete their family through 'Autumn's Gift', a program that funds adoption costs. Not only do they assist financially in the adoption process, but they also have other programs like 'Eyes Full of Wonder,' that funds day-camps and extended stay camps for service member's kids during weekend drills and training.

This amazing foundation is made possible by generous donations from the community. And this 4th of July weekend, they're hosting an awesome event to raise awareness and funds for the organization. Join them for a fun night with live music from Thom Sheperd; while remembering Erin and Autumn and their families mission to complete military families. If you fill out the form below, you'll be in to win a four-pack of tickets to Saturday's Community Concert event.

WHERE: Eagle Sports Complex - 12000 Old Horseshoe Bend Rd, Eagle, ID 83714

WHEN: Saturday, July 7 (5 p.m. - 9 p.m.)


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