What kind of weather can we expect on New Year's in the Treasure Valley?

Before we take a look at what we can expect this weekend for New Year's, let's take a look back at the history and what the Treasure Valley has experienced for New Year's.

A look at the numbers on New Year's according to weather.gov:

  • The average high for this time of the year is 35°
  • The average low for this time of the year is 27°
  • The record high was 57° in 1918
  • The record low was -8° in 1919
  • The average precipitation & snow is 0.04
  • In 2006 the record precipitation was 0.98
  • The record snowfall fall was 2.5 in 1921
  • The record low high was 11° in 1979
  • The record high low was 41° in 1997

Looking back at history anything is expected but since we are only a couple of days away from New Year's the professionals have done their best to give us an accurate prediction.


The National Weather Service

According to the national weather service, you can expect a chance of rain and snow before 11 am. No snow accumulation is expected with a high near 40° during the day. Saturday Night a 40% chance of rain before 11 pm, with a chance of rain and snow after with a low of around 29°.

If you're going to the potato drop, you might want to bundle up that's for sure. 


The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel isn't far off from what the National Weather Service is saying. They're predicting snow showers and temps steady throughout the day in the upper 30s with a 60% chance of snow. Saturday night we could see a few scattered showers but otherwise expect cloudy skies and a low of 28°, the chance of snow is 30%.

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If you were hoping for New Year's to be a tad warmer than in the upper 30s, then according to AccuWeather then you are in luck. They're predicting a high of 41° with considerable cloudiness with a shower in places during the afternoon hours with 40% of precipitation. Saturday night the cloudiness will continue with an increase in precipitation of 82% and a low of 28° with a rain or snow shower in some areas.


It's going to be cloudy, we could see some rain and some snow, and we are going to have temperatures in the upper 30s into the lower 40s. Make sure to bundle up in the evening hours and having an umbrella on hand might not hurt.

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