I'll take half a dozen, please.

There are few things more magnificent in this life than a hot, steamy, perfectly-glazed donut. It's simply sweet, almost savory, and so easy to eat. Just like pizza, I find myself eating several before I realize what I've done to my digestive tract. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to glaze myself... Ok, this is getting weird.

In my opinion, there is no such things as too much glaze.

Recently, some Krispy Kreme employees looked to challenge that notion by glazing one donut 25 times. Yep, they ran that breakfast delight through the shower of glaze over and over again until it no longer looked like a donut. And since we live in the world of social media, they documented all of it on Tik Tok.


I think a bite of this would kill you .. @jacobsherlin ##JustVisiting ##stepintolove ##LittleVoice ##donuts ##work ##food ##fyp ##friends ##krispykreme

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Did you see that behemoth of a glob of icing?

There were so many layers of glaze on that thing that there wasn't even a hole in the middle anymore. It was just a valley of sugary confection. A snowball of icing.

Now, here's the big question... would you eat it? Ok, maybe you wouldn't be able to stomach the entire donut (or at least I hope not), but would you at least take a bite of it? Just don't film yourself eating something like this. I can only imagine what your dentist would say.

On that note, my teeth hurt now.

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