The Village at Meridian is full of fun eateries and unique food and treat opportunities sure to please everyone. Just a few weeks ago I wrote about the colossal shakes at Sid's Garage that just opened earlier this year in The Village as well. If you like treats as much as I do you will be very happy to know that CBS2 News just shared that Duck Donuts is setting up in The Village at Meridian.

Duck Donuts is a large franchise with over 225 locations and adding more constantly. Mostly they cover up and down the east coast. There are about a dozen locations that cover central US and the west coast. They started with 4 stores in 2012. The Duck Donut company tout themselves as being the fastest growing donut shop in the US so they must be doing things right.

These are not just any donuts. Kimberlee who is one of the owners spoke to CBS2 News and told them in a nutshell that Her and her husband tried Duck Donuts while visiting Kansas City and were blown away. Kimberlee was born and raised in Boise and loves it here. She found something that was amazing and she is excited to share it with her community. I just love that. Here are some flavors from their website that has me nearly drooling..

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BACON IN THE SUN - MAPLE ICING WITH CHOPPED BACON AND SALTED CARAMEL DRIZZLE - Enjoy the flavors of maple icing topped with chopped bacon and salted caramel drizzle.

BEACH BALL - VANILLA ICING WITH RAINBOW SPRINKLES & CHOCOLATE DRIZZLE - Can't decide between sprinkles and a chocolate drizzle - get both! Unlock your inner child and get the works on this donut with vanilla icing, rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate drizzle.

CHOCOLATE CARAMEL CRUNCH - CHOCOLATE ICING WITH PEANUTS & SALTED CARAMEL DRIZZLE - Go nuts over this salty, sweet, and crunchy donut! Enjoy this donut covered in chocolate icing, peanuts, and salted caramel drizzle.

BLUEBERRY LEMONADE - BLUEBERRY ICING WITH LEMON DRIZZLE - Sweet, tangy, and totally satisfying, this summer feature will remind you of a blueberry lemonade–only better!

KEY LIME CHEESECAKE - KEY LIME ICING WITH GRAHAM CRACKER CRUMBS & CREAM CHEESE DRIZZLE - Bring our Key lime flavor into the limelight with this donut! Key lime icing is topped with graham cracker crumbs with cream cheese drizzle to add that perfect combination.

The mouthwatering breakfast, but really you can enjoy donuts any time of the day or night shop opens on Saturday at 8am. They also have multiple job opportunities available right now and I have a feeling it will be a very fun place to work. The open hours starting this weekend will be as follows: Monday through Thursday 7a-7p, Friday & Saturday 7a-9p and Sunday7a-1p.

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