Five Guys is one of my favorite go-to burger spots. You can make it how you like it with what you want on it. It is made fresh to order, my whole family is satisfied and the fries, Cajun seasoned or not, are delicious. We have a special love and appreciation for potatoes here in Idaho and it turns out, so does Five Guys. Ever wonder why they are so darn good there? Well it doesn't get much fresher than Five Guys Fries.

A lot of the time making videos of 'behind the scenes' for a restaurant is frowned upon by the higher ups. Usually because it is showcasing something they DONT want the entire public to necessarily gander at. This time though, we are getting a glimpse that makes me want to go even more often.

"It is a great source of pride for our employees to cook our fries correctly," said a Five Guys spokesperson.

In a viral Tik Tok video a Five Guys employee, TikTok user @maezthegreat, shows off the process for creating their fresh -really fresh- fries. It already has well over 14 million views and people are impressed by the process.

@maezthegreat@fiveguysburger ##fyp♬ original sound - Maez

"First, we wash the potatoes off. Real potatoes." He says in the video. The same TikTok user has other videos from Five Guys showing off the rigorous cleaning process and other fry making videos.

According Readers Digest, Most of they year all of the potatoes from Five Guys come from Idaho. There are a couple of months when they have to source them from Washington due to weather. The Idaho potatoes in get too soft and do not work well for fries just a few months.

We have 7 Five Guys in Idaho.

BOISE FAIRVIEW - 1587 N. Milwaukee St.

BODO (Boise Downtown) - 321 South 8th Street

MERIDIAN - 2830 N. Eagle Road

REXBURG - 179 West 2nd South

IDAHO FALLS - 2541 S. 25th Street


TWIN FALLS - 1485 E. Pole Line Rd

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