It's incredible how many times throughout the week you'll see "go back to California" in the comment section on Facebook. The original Facebook post will have nothing to do with California or Californians moving to Idaho, but for some reason, someone has to mention it's "because of the Californians." 

Niche is a website that helps you find schools K-12 to college and grad schools. You can also find places to live, and the site will give you a full report of that city, like Boise, ranked the 9th best place in Idaho to live. People can also leave reviews of that city, and this is where things get interesting. Boise has over 570 reviews. 316 are excellent, 190 are very good, and 57 are average. There are 5 poor reviews and 4 terrible ones, and that's where we found a review that makes no sense. 

This person claims to have lived in Boise for 16 years after moving here from southern California. Let's break down this review, "Lived here for 16 years. The weather sucks, people suck, education is TERRIBLE, no diversity, no jobs, and lots of bored, overweight people." 


Since I've been here since September 2022, the winter weather hasn't been great. It's not the snow but the overcast skies that have been my biggest complaint. The people in Boise have been extremely friendly, and I haven't encountered anyone I thought was rude. The comment about people being overweight sounds like this person is a complete jerk. 

"I have lived in Seattle, SoCal, and Boise was the WORST experience. The rude cops pull you over for nothing & all the locals do is whine about change or new people moving in! They're so small-minded, uneducated & the fakest/unhappy people ever. There is nothing great about it. I hated every second of every day I was here. If you are Mormon, you will be fine, but if you aren't Mormon or local, you may make only one genuine friend after 16 years. I was visiting family in the airport, and the gift shop lady blatantly ignored me when I asked her how she was because, in their dinky airport, she saw I had flown in from SoCal. The most hateful people live there. I think it's all the inversion. There's nothing to do, one waterpark, and some go-kart fun centers closed for the entire year practically. Oh, and downtown and the Village shopping center are over-rated & small." 

Photo by Ryan Snaadt on Unsplash
Photo by Ryan Snaadt on Unsplash

The person who left this review must have been going through something. The review involving someone who works at the airport seems really petty to me. The lady at the gift shop has no idea where you flew from and doesn't care. This person can return to California and take their negative attitude with them! 

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