If you're needing to do some grocery shopping today, or just need a place to catch some lunch, you should make a stop at Boise's Whole Foods downtown. Why? Today is one of their '5% giving days', where (you guessed it) five percent of their total sales will go to a nonprofit organization in the community.

According to Boise Weekly, this time, Boise's Whole Foods chose to support an awesome organization called Nutrition Works. The nonprofit has been helping child care providers in Idaho provide nutritious meals and snacks to the kiddos in their care for over 20 years!


Nutrition Works expanded its reach in the gem state in 2015, and since then, it has funded "meals and snacks for more than 8,000 Idaho kids to the tune of over 1.4 million plates of food."

This organization sounds AMAZING! So, if you'd like to help their efforts...head to Whole Foods right meow!

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