I discovered this Facebook page after moving to Boise because I wanted to make sure I could do my best to stay informed on what was happening in the Treasure Valley. I'm not sure who runs this Facebook but whoever they are, they do a great job of keeping the community updated with as much information as they can.

They also have Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. Your best bet would be to make sure you're following their Facebook page because it seems to be more consistent than anything else.

Are you already following this Facebook Page?

Boise Dispatch on Facebook describes itself as "Boise’s live news leader. Breaking news as it happens for Boise and beyond." You can even buy merch to help support Boise New Dispatch which I think is amazing! Why not right?

When you follow Boise Dispatch on Facebook not only will you get information on what's going on in the Treasure Valley, but you're also going to get some humor along with it.

Here are some of its most recent posts. I'm going to share my favorites one soon, I promise you won't be disappointed.

This was posted on January 16, 2022

84 MP 8 and 12 WB
Just off the Oregon border Several troopers en route to deal with a semi v car AND a separate semi upside down just down the road. They are calling for extrication.
This was posted on January 16, 2022
Boise Airport
An inbound Delta flight just radioed for law enforcement to meet at the gate and help with an unruly male passenger.
Here's another one from January 16, 2022
Table Rock
Two hikers are stuck near the top of table rock. Fire crews are pulling out their ATVs and other toys. No injuries. Sounds like a panic attack maybe.
As you can see the person who runs this Facebook page is really consistent. Now, I want to share with you some of my favorites. 

Hilarious & Informative This Boise Facebook Page Is A Must Follow

Here are the Facebook post from Boise Dispatch that made me laugh.

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