Rich. It's something many of us dream of and few of us ever achieve, but if making the money is your goal, here's how much it takes to be considered rich in our community. 

According to a study by earning $286,974 per year will place you in the top 5% of earners in the state of Idaho. In other words, you're considered rich!

That wouldn't be the case if you lived in California where you need to make $447,207     to feel wealthy or even in Colorado where you need to earn $385,707 per year to be considered rich.

Want to just make it into that upper bracket? On the lower end of rich, you'd need to make at least $167,204 in Idaho to be considered the upper class.

If you want to be the elite of the elite, only 1% of Idahoans earn $829,268 or more.

All of these numbers are far more money than I could ever dream of and luckily I've learned there is so much more to life than bringing home the Benjamin's. How are you rich in your life? I feel blessed to have two great kids, a job that I love, and home that although it may not be fancy is safe and secure. We are all rich in our own little ways.

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