I am a huge NBA basketball fan. More specifically, I'm a Denver Nuggets fan. I grew up in Denver, and my uncle was the head statistician for the team, so I got pretty fantastic access as a kid. I plan a trip to Denver to see the team play at least once per year. With the league restarting their season this weekend in the Orlando bubble, me or other fans can't attend games... or is it?

I was watching a game last night and saw fans. They weren't physically in attendance. These fans are watching the game via Microsoft Teams and are seeing a complete;y different feed of the game that we get to watch on TV. I had to know how I could be one of those fans.

The way it works is that Michelob Ultra determines which 300 fans can virtually attend the games. You have to go to their website and submit your picture with their logo. After that, you have to re-enter every day until you're chosen. I sent mine and haven't heard back yet.

It's an interesting concept and makes you wonder if this is the future of sports and entertainment. It's a lot better than the cardboard cut-out fans that are at baseball games. If Boise State plays football this season, maybe we'll be watching via Zoom! Perhaps the next big concert we go to will also be on an app instead of in person. I guess time will tell. Until then, I'll be over here submitting my picture every day, hoping to be one of the chosen 300.

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