Have you seen those super cool 3D photos on Facebook? They look like they move and I can't take my eyes off of them! If you want to impress your friends, here's how. 

First off, if you are living in the Dark Ages and don't know what I'm talking about, here's an example on my Facebook page. Very cool, right?!

Credit: Carly Cash/TSM Boise
Credit: Carly Cash/TSM Boise

Ok, here's how you do it.

Step 1. "Like" the Facebook 360 page

Step 2. Force quit Facebook on your phone. (a.k.a. log out, and then log back in.)

Step 3. Re-launch Facebook and when you go to post a photo you'll see the 3D option in your scroll-down bar.

Keep in mind you can only do this with a photo that has been taken in "portrait mode," so if you have an older phone you are out of luck!

Hope that helps, now go post those cool 3D photos!!