Have you ever seen a 3D printer in action. They are amazing, what they can do is even more amazing. I have seen people print trash cans, trophies, gun parts, dice, toys, train cars, and so much more. What Boise State Student Sierra Sandison is doing with hers is different than anything I have ever seen before though.

Sierra is the proud owner of 3D PrinTcess. Sierra is an entrepreneur at heart and knew, even as a kid that she wanted to create and sell things. She also is a lover of all animals and critters, yes even slugs. Sierra has three real pet slugs and is surrounded by plastic slugs all day.

You see when the pandemic hit last year she purchased her very own 3-D printer and started creating. She has a verity of 3-D items, and animals that she prints but it surprised even her, the one that has boomed her business. Slugs, lots and lots of slugs. Lots of color options and three size options, small, medium and large are selling so fast she cant keep up with demand.

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These slugs are created with the printer in sections so they are fantastic, says Sierra for individuals with ADHD or autism. They are prefect to fidget with and move around. So how did these get so popular so quickly?  TikTok. After selling out of her own stock in hours she now has about 2,000 people waiting for her slugs. Sierra won $7,000 in prize money for winning the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge which she used to buy more 3D printers.

Channel 7 chatted with Sierra to learn more, check it out here...

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