Running sucks.  Anybody who says "I love to run" is either delusional or a liar.  Yet I try to run every day.  It has nothing to do with exercise or health.

The reason I run these days is because of my oldest daughter, Tess.  Recently she's shown an interest in running.  But because running is such a lonely task, she's asked me to go running with her.  I grudgingly agreed and I've been lacing up my shoes every day since.  But like I said, I hate it.  I was just about to have a talk with Tess and explain to her that I just couldn't keep running with her, when the other day I came home from work and found this:



How can you stop running when you get a note like this from your 8 year old?  Oh well, I better stretch.  I don't want to pull a muscle.