What's your favorite part of living in Idaho? 

That question caught my eye while scrolling through Reddit as someone still trying to discover all Idaho offers. So I stopped and started looking through the comments. 


When you think about that question, it will come across differently for everyone. Some of the answers in the post are about the land, people's financial situation, and politically driven as well. 

I can't forget about some of the rants I also came across, "It seems like most people who gush about how great Idaho is come from elsewhere (mostly urban sh*tholes), and many natives think it's the newcomers who are destroying their favorite part of living here. I'm a native who, honestly, never appreciated Idaho in the past, and I still don't! Mostly because the conservative politics and low wages made it impossible for me to get ahead financially," said Financial_Market3597. 


There was one comment that I could get behind, and that was, "the climate! It's so wonderful to have distinct seasons." I grew up in a place that didn't have seasons, and it was the one that I genuinely enjoyed when I first moved to the midwest over ten years ago. Now that I'm in Boise, it's nice that I can still enjoy all four seasons. 

Several people don't seem to be big fans of Idaho anymore. Alarming-Mongoose-91 on Reddit said, "now nothing. Take it or leave it. It's not that great anymore." 

But after sifting through all of the negative comments, more people shared their favorite part of living in Idaho. One reason that people really love living in Idaho is that they love WinCo, do you agree? 

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I came across a Reddit thread that asked people, "What's your favorite part of living in Idaho?" here are some of their answers.

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