THIS is why you don't mess around with Idahoans.........guess this guy had to learn that the hard way.

When 58-year-old Martin Knowles entered a bar in Idaho Falls and pointed a rifle at the crowd, the people in the bar were not too happy about that and let him know that.........let's just say in their own special way.  Oh forget that, let's just call it like it is: they BEAT this guy down and disarmed him.

The story began when Knowles had been kicked out of the Roadhouse Saloon on Tuesday.  Guessing he didn't appreciate that too much because he then returned with a with a .223-caliber rifle and a .40-caliber pistol.

When Knowles at one point lowered his gun, that's when Trevor Bennion tossed a beer mug at him as a distraction.  Then Bennion bum rushed Knowles, got his weapon away from him, and that's when Bennion and several others in the bar began punching the (you know what) out of Knowles.

According to Bennion, he actually confronted Knowles earlier in the night which lead to Knowles getting kicked out.

After Knowles was treated for his injuries, he was later charged with aggravated assault and weapons charges.

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