Dogs are amazing animals. Every day I feel like there is a new story coming out of somewhere about an incredible dog. This one comes from our great state of Idaho. First it starts a bit sad. According to KTIV, There was a car accident on Idaho State Highway 41 over the weekend. During the crash a pet dog, Tilly, a 2-year-old border collie and red heeler mix was ejected from the vehicle.

The poor scared pup took off and the owners couldn't find her. The only good news their is that she was ok enough to take off. While the accident obviously scared her she didn't seem hurt physically. The owners after being shaken up themselves and making sure everyone was ok, they realized she was gone.

Right away people came to the aid of the family and people, some even complete strangers started to help look for Tilly. They searched into the night, about 10 hours total with no luck and no sign of Tilly. I am sure they were heartbroken, I couldn't imagine. They were not giving up yet. The family then wrote a Facebook post with a picture of the sweet pup. More than 3,000 people shared to post. The virtual dog hunt worked!

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A farming family recognized the dog in the photo. They recently saw the dog on their Idaho farm just south of Rathdrum. They saw the dog trying to sheep the herd, which is exactly what her breeds are known for. Tilly and her family where reunited. Perhaps they will take her to visit the farm once in awhile :)


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