I'm so lucky that spell check is a thing, I'm thankful for Grammarly and that autocorrect doesn't make me look like an idiot... sometimes. Even with all the tools at the tip of our figure tips we continue to misspell words on a regular basis. I was reading an article in Reader's Digest that talked about the most misspelled words in each state.

In the article, they referred to Dr. J. Richard Gentry who wrote an article of his own called Psychology Today and according to him, the English language is the hardest language to spell.


I dreaded the day at school when we would have a spelling test. I was never good at tests, but on top of that, my parents weren't exactly pushing me to study when I was younger. I remember distinctly misspelling girl, I would always put gril and even that was wrong.

So, WordTips actually put this list together and based it on two billion tweets, "We identified the most uniquely popular misspellings in each state by comparing the misspelling rate of each word locally with the nationwide rate and picking the word that was proportionally highest in each area. While coolly is the most misspelled nationwide, Kansas and Kentucky struggle with maintenance more commonly than average, and Oklahomans – worryingly – struggle with “writeing” (writing) altogether".

In the Pacific Northwest here are the words that each state misspells the most:

  • Idaho - Accidentally 
  • Oregon - Height 
  • Washington - Ignorance 

Is there a word that you know you misspell everything single time?

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