Bit by bit, buying and owning your own home is becoming not just difficult, but impossible for some.  Our kids are working their tails off getting through college, finding that good job, making money, but not being able to qualify to buy a house.  This trend is not only becoming an epidemic across our country but it's very real right here in our own backyard.

According to Online Mortgage Marketplace RefiGuide, Idaho is officially ranked #1, yes, that's top dog out of every single state in the United States of America for increased prices on homes.  Not a list we've been wanting to be at the top of but it's the reality.

I could go into all the mumbo jumbo of how they come up with these numbers but I won't.  If you're curious, click HERE for specific details.  I will give you the top ten states in the U.S. for increased home prices.  This is the rate of increase per year.

  1. IDAHO - 17.2%
  2. UTAH - 14.0%
  3. NEVADA - 10.9%
  4. INDIANA - 10.8%
  5. GEORGIA - 10.5%
  6. MISSISSIPPI - 9.5%
  7. MICHIGAN - 8.6%
  8. MISSOURI - 8.5%
  9. NORTH CAROLINA - 8.5%
  10. MONTANA - 8.3%

You may think that everyone's prices are increasing but you'd be wrong.  According to East Idaho News, some of the more expensive areas to live in such as Seattle and Oakland have both seen decreases when it comes to home prices this past year.  The only states to have entirely seen a decrease in prices is Alaska and Delaware.

If you'd like to see the entire list of which state lands where just click below.

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