Thanks to Boise Dispatch, we know that someone decided to take his anger out in the form of poop! Some would say it's an actual sh***y situation for the homeowner.

I'm glad that Boise Dispatched followed through with their finding after coming across a slow day at the Ada County Clerks' Office. 

If you poop where you shouldn't, it's a "Felony Malicious Injury to Property" if you can cause more than $1,000 in damage. 

According to the article from Boise Dispatch, the incident occurred in December, and 44-year-old Joseph Paul Daniel was finally arrested on February 2, 2023. No word on why it took so long for him to get arrested. The article also mentions, "Court documents state on December 9, Daniel "Did Maliciously injure and/or destroy certain personal property, to-wit: a mattress and various other personal belongings... by defecating in multiple locations throughout the house." 

I wish we knew what the incident was to get Joseph so upset that he felt the need to poop throughout different areas of the house and destroy property. Also, the timing had to have been perfect to go through the rage that he found himself having to poop. But, again, we only know what was shared. Joseph also could have done all this while the homeowners weren't home. 

I wonder what went through his public attorney's head once that file landed on his desk. It's a case that I'm sure he will always remember, and he and his buddies laugh about it over drinks.

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