How and when to use your gun or guns is crucial in this day and age.  I'm not going to pretend to know that information and I'm not here to start some crazy gun debate but I will say that being responsible with your weapon is absolutely necessary.

Just this past weekend we saw another man blaze through a mall in our neighboring state of Utah blasting bullets at innocent people.  We had another guy screaming in the Boise Fred Meyer on Federal Way that he was armed while barricading himself in the bathroom.  The Boise Police didn't hold back and defused that situation quickly.  The point is... Don't Be Stupid When It Comes To Guns!

Police in the Idaho Falls area are currently investigating what exactly happened on Thursday.  40-year-old Walter Ismael Alarcon-Aguirre allegedly took out his AR-15 rifle, pointed it at his neighbors and threatened them.  The neighbors obviously dialed up 911 immediately and Alarcon-Aguirre was taken into custody.  Alarcon-Aguirre did have the AR-15 rifle in his car with him when cops arrived but he says he simply just showed his neighbors the gun.  He says he never pointed it at them or threatened them in any way.  He did say that yes they were all having a disagreement but there was no threat.

Alarcon-Aguirre has been booked and charged with two counts of aggravated assault.  His bond was set at $20,000 and East Idaho News reported that his court date at the Bonneville County Courthouse has been set for January 23rd.

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