I get that everyone's innocent until proven guilty but some of the stuff this guy's saying on social media... Oh-Em-Geee!

KMTV 11 just reported that 33-year-old Philip Schwab has been charged with stabbing his girlfriend (Kaylynn Blue) and their two dogs to death.  The Idaho Falls Police Department went out to their house to check on Kaylynn after her work (Walgreens) contacted authorities saying she hadn't shown up to work for days.

What authorities found was shocking and gruesome.  Kaylynn's body stabbed to death along with her two dogs in their backyard.  Here's a quote from Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson...

Tragic, incredibly violent crime.  We do have him in custody.  He will be in jail and we have everyone accounted for and very sadly we did recover the remains of our victim in the backyard.

There's no comment so far from Schwab but we do have records of his latest social media posts.  They're disturbing and HIGHLY suspicious.  Here are a few of the posts he sent out on Facebook...

  • "Loved Kay and the dogs, or her, wouldn't be a problem anymore."
  • "she deserved quicker."
  • "This was a small protest and it was easy."
  • "If stabbing people is wrong, I don't want to be right."

Obviously, the Idaho Falls Police Department is taking all of this information in and leaving no stone unturned in their investigation.  We'll keep you updated on the outcome of this tragic murder.  Thoughts and prayers to Kaylynn's family.


Oh, and if you want to see the kRAzAy this guy brings to the table, check out his Facebook Page.  I'm absolutely speechless!

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