Well here's a crazy one that just came out in East Idaho News.

I remember growing up arguing with my parents from time to time.  I ran away once, we yelled a lot, unfair punishments were enforced, and I'm sure a lot of mean, nasty things were said that we didn't mean but I NEVER and I mean NEVER raised a hand to my parents much less stab them!

Those are the alleged charges right now against a 13-year-old boy in Idaho Falls who is currently in custody at the 3B Detention & Treatment Center as authorities investigate what exactly happened and why.

The boy's mother was immediately transported to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and then quickly flow to a hospital in Utah because of the serious nature of her injuries.  Friends of the family have stated that the mother will most likely be recuperating in Utah for a few months.

The exact charges are aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.  Because the boy is a minor we will not release his name or the name of his mother.  I'm hoping and praying she recovers and she recovers as quickly as possible and I hope this young boy gets the help he needs.

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