I'm glad the judge saw this the way he did.  According to Idaho News, 36-year-old Joshua Hays was just sentenced to 35 years in jail for raping a woman in her own home. That sentence comes with a minimum of 17 years before Hays has any possibility of parole and he will forever be registered as a sex offender.

The young lady went to her home in Nampa and fell asleep.  About 1 a.m Hays broke into her house and allegedly forced himself on her. She yelled, screamed, and tried to stop him but he continued the assault for an unknown period of time. Eventually, the young lady was able to break away and lock herself into the bathroom. Hays took off leaving behind a victim that will never be the same.

I think judge Thomas W. Whitney said it best...

You need incarceration.  You saw her, you wanted to have sex with her, you did. You carried out the rape in a determined manner. She attempted to fight you off, but you were determined that the crime would be completed.

My heart goes out to the victim here.  I can only hope that somehow she can get past this, stay strong, and find people to surround her that truly love her.

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