Last September 57-year-old Richard W. Stewart took advantage of a woman who had been drinking with friends all night and eventually fell asleep on the downstairs couch.  When the woman regained consciousness at around 3 a.m., Stewart was sexually assaulting her.  She eventually was able to fight the man off but not before the damage had been done.

Stewart had admitted to the girl's friends what had gone on so there wasn't much room for a 'Not Guilty' plea in court.  The judge sentenced Stewart to the following...

*****  20 years in prison (eligible for parole in 10 yrs)

*****  Register as a Sex Offender

*****  Provide Idaho database with DNA

*****  No contact with the victim for at least 20 years

Here's a statement The Idaho Statesman posted from Canyon County Prosecutor Bryan Taylor...

This case is a prime example of a man taking advantage of an intoxicated woman for his own sexual gratification.  It is abhorrent and wrong. I hope today’s sentence sends a message that this activity will not be tolerated in Canyon County.

Hopefully, this case can serve as a warning to those who think they've entered into some kind of gray area because drinking is involved.  When it comes to sexual relations, there is NO gray area.  If there's not a 100% clear and aware YES then DO NOT go there.  And puhleeeeze... if she's sleeping, it shouldn't even be a question.

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