This terrible accident cost a 27-year-old man his life yesterday. What a horrible way to die. 

His identity has not been released yet, but according to he was installing plastic pipe for a drainage system and was down in a trench when he was essentially buried alive.

The accident happened in Ashton, Idaho. A backhoe operator says when he turned around to operate the machine he saw a ten-foot line of dirt collapse and bury the young man.

Emergency responders frantically tried to get to the man in time. The accident brought in the Fremont County Sheriff's Office, Fremont County Fire Department, Fremont County EMS, Fremont County Search and Rescue, Madison EMS, and Air Idaho, but unfortunately, they just couldn't find him in time. In fact, it took crews an hour before reaching the man and of course he had passed in that amount of time.

We'll keep you updated as his name is released, but right now another family here in Idaho is suffering, so please keep them in your heart as you go about your day today.

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