The first time I heard that phrase was when I was a kid.  My dad worked for the Astrea Sheriff Department in the San Diego, California area and as a member of law enforcement, he saw the worst of the worst.  When he saw this, that phrase usually described what was going to happen to that person.  Well, this guy fits the bill.  There truly is a special place in hell for people like this.

KSL reports that 34-year-old Lex Bennett Goodwin of Pocatello, Idaho was just sentenced to 100 years in federal prison producing, transporting, and possessing child pornography.

Goodwin was charged with child pornography with many kids but the one that gets me is this 16-month-old baby.  Yeah.  Multiple pictures and scenarios that he would take pictures of and uploaded to his google account.  An agent with Homeland Security Investigations stated that...

we located several sexually explicit images of a 16-month-old child

There are other pictures involving a 6-year-old and probably a mountain of evidence we don't even know about.

I don't know all of what this man's 100-year sentence entails but I hope he never sees our Idaho streets again.  Thumbs up to Homeland Security for picking up on the red flags that led them to search his computers and phones and a big thank you to the Idaho Department of Correction, Minidoka County Sheriff’s Office, and Pocatello and Rupert Police Departments for their swift action in getting this man off the streets.

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