A Hayden, Idaho man is recovering from injuries sustained from a bear attack in Montona over the weekend. According to KIFI, Bob Legasa and his friend, Greg Gibson, were elk hunting just south of Livingston, Montana when they came across a grizzly bear and her cub 12 yards away.

The roughly 500-pound bear charged at the two hunters. Gibson set off his bear spray, but unfortunately, it was too late. By then, the bear managed to bite Legasa in the arm and clawed at his face. Thankfully, the pair was able to get to a nearby hospital in Livingston, then later Bozeman to get the wounds cleaned out and begin a rabies treatment.

According to KIFI, Legasa underwent surgery yesterday to "insert a plate and a screw in his arm to secure a broken bone." Man, what a scary moment for both men! Just glad everyone is going to be ok and are able to tell their amazing story of survival.

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