23-year-old Kelsey Osborne of Gooding, Idaho is facing criminal charges and fighting to regain custody of her two children after getting into trouble for giving her daughter butter infused with marijuana to treat her seizure-like symptoms.


Osborne was arraigned last week in Twin Falls County Magistrate Court on a misdemeanor and the Department of Health and Welfare have taken her children and placed them with her ex-husband.  Osborne says the marijuana butter was a last resort after her daughter Madyson was still struggling with seizure-like symptoms even after using the prescripted Risperidone.


After making her daughter a smoothie with marijuana butter, Madyson calmed down and felt much better.   A doctor's appointment later that day detected the marijuana and that's when the Department of Health and Welfare were contacted.


Osborne knew it wasn't legal but she felt she was out of options and forced to use the marijuana butter, which she made herself, because CBD oil isn't available in Idaho.  Idaho is the only state from the surrounding states that still bans all forms of marijuana use, both medical and otherwise.


Osborne said she made the right choice and she'd do it again for her daughter.  The only thing she questioned was whether she was giving Madyson enough.