Idaho Pizza Company on Fairview and Cole Road is moving! 

Before you hyperventilate, your favorite pizza place is only moving a few blocks away.

According to, they are looking to remodel part of the old Hastings building in the Westgate Shopping Center.

The new location will be 1/3 bigger than their existing restaurant, which only means they can serve more of us with a shorter wait time. Win, win!

The other portion of the old Hastings building will be a CVS Pharmacy that is already in the works.

This is the second time we've seen Idaho Pizza Company make a slight move to a bigger and better location. The location off of Overland moved into the old Blockbuster building a couple years ago.

We're just happy that Idaho Pizza Company is here to stay and that they aren't moving too far away. Now pass the pizza,  breadsticks and marinara sauce, please!