Governor Little is fully supporting schools opening as regularly scheduled in the fall.

However, there is no mandate from the Governor on a state level for wearing masks in schools, temp checks, or what schools have to do upon reopening. That will come from a local level.

Little says we are far too diverse in Idaho to have a set rule book for every county, every town and every school. A team of health care professionals, teachers, education board members, government officials and others have worked over the last few weeks on a guidance packet that will be shared statewide. This is meant to provide the framework and options for local-level school officials to make educated and thoughtful plans for what works in their community as we get closer to the school year approaching.

Distance learning, split schedules, and more are outlined as options. Gov. Little also put $30 million into school funding for the purchase of devices and educational software for families to have an option to not send their children to schools.

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None of us know what the coming months or weeks will bring, but as a mother of a 6-year-old boy I can’t help but feel a bit anxious about my little guy Titus going into the 1st grade. He needs to go back don’t get me wrong, for his well being and mine. I was not meant to be a home educator, I tried, I really did…. Teachers are a miracle and deserve praise and raise. The unease of this looming possibility of contracting the virus from school and bringing it home is something I, like so many other parents, are struggling with. Putting trust and having faith that our local education and government officials use the tools provided and make the best plan is all I can do.

Titus says he will beat up Corona and send it to space so we can all go back to normal. If only it were that easy little man. If only.

Parents, how are you coping with the thought of sending your kiddos back to school?

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