Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays of all time. Of course, it's about being grateful and counting your blessings; we also know it's a great time to give back as well.

All of that being said and understood, let's get honest for a moment with three words for you: food and drink.

There's nothing like hanging out in the kitchen on Thanksgiving

Hanging out in the kitchen on Thanksgiving is more than just a gathering... it's an event.

You've got the amazing aroma of turkey, taters, and pies in the air. You've got "Aunt Linda" in the corner with a glass of bourbon, pointing out how much the kids have grown.

You've got family teaming up on dishes and talking about the status of their respective football teams... and then it happens.

Ol "Aunt Linda" has run out of her favorite bourbon and you didn't think to stock up for Thanksgiving. Can you run to the store and pick up a bottle before "Aunt Linda" gets cranky?

We Have Good News And Bad News

First up, the bad news. According to Idaho legislation, Thanksgiving is one of three holidays when liquor can't be sold:

(1) No liquor shall be sold, offered for sale, or given away upon any licensed premises, and all liquor not in sealed bottles must be locked in a separate room or cabinet during the following hours:
a. Sunday, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas from 1 o’clock A.M., to 10 o’clock A.M. the following day...

That's right, you can't go off and score "Aunt Linda" a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon on Thanksgiving, she's just going to have to sober up and enjoy the turkey.

"You said there was good news!"

And you're right, don't worry! There's hope for people like "Aunt Linda" because Idaho legislation also says that cities and counties can"by ordinance, allow the sale of liquor by the drink on a Sunday, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving, and may also extend until 2 o’clock A.M. the hours of the sale of liquor by the drink."

And if you're wondering about ordering drinks if you go out to eat on Thanksgiving, you may not be able to order your favorite cocktail... but you could order a beer or a glass of wine.

It's probably easier to plan ahead and make sure you have enough of what you'll want/need on Thanksgiving to avoid any headaches altogether.

Oh yeah, and keep "Aunt Linda" happy as well.

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