Ok, this is something we can ALL agree on, right!? According to the American Veterinary Medical Association Idaho tops the list of dog ownership in the whole country! We do love our pups here, don't we? Although it doesn't really surprise me that Idaho is -yet again- the best at something else, however, the statistics of just how many Idahoans have dogs as pets actually does.

According to the Idaho Statesman, in Idaho, 58 percent of households have a puppers as a pet! Whoa! That's just awesome. And, in case you were wondering, when Idaho wins at something, we win big. Six percentage points separate us at the top of the list from No. 2 Montana!

So, you get it, we like dogs. But what if you're a #catperson? Well, actually Idaho is the right state for you too! When it comes to cat ownership, Idaho ranks No. 8 in the top ten list that is led by Vermont.

It's official, Idaho is definitely a cat-dog-friendly state!

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