The Idaho mountains are going to get hit hard tomorrow.  Warmer temperatures in the valley mean we'll most likely have rain all day but some snow is possible especially in the early hours which is when most of us are on the roads meaning... driving into work tomorrow may be UGLY.

This morning we had a number of roads shut down in Idaho mountain areas because of all the snow accumulation.  As of now, all those roads are open and flowing well but that may change.  We'll keep you posted on road conditions.  More than a foot of snow is expected tomorrow in Idaho areas above 6,000 feet and like I said earlier, most areas in the valley will see a mixture of rain and snow which will probably just turn into rain as the day moves on.

KTVB reports that temperatures will start dropping after Thursday and our wet conditions are supposed to continue through the weekend meaning we'll most likely get snow again here in the valley.  Hey... if you're a skier, this is great.  The rest of us are kind of like Ughhhhhhh.


  • There is a chance of snow that may even accumulate tomorrow in the valley so don't be surprised if you wake up and see it.

Be prepared, drive careful, and get to work or school safely.  Most of all... keep an eye out for the little ones heading to school.  Let's keep them safe.

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