This is so sad and scary. Gone in an instant after being hit by a train.

56 year old Denise L. Clapp of Lava Hot Springs stopped in her SUV on the Nipper Road train tracks when she was hit by a Union Pacific train headed eastbound at 8:48 p.m.

The deadly accident happened last night in the southeastern Idaho town of Bancroft.

According to KTVB no one knows why Denise was stopped on the tracks. Was she having car problems? Was she confused? We may never know the answer.

Denise was unfortunately not wearing a seatbelt and the impact of the train on her SUV was so severe that it pushed her vehicle off the tracks and down an embankment.

Crews will continue to investigate the crash but no matter what we have lost a sweet member of our community, a  family is morning the loss of this beautiful woman, and people in Lava Hot Springs are morning the loss of their friend.

Please keep all who loved Denise Clapp in your thoughts and prayers.