I love it when history comes back from the dead in miraculous and awe inspiring ways. I recently went to Sockeye Brewing to eat after a long hike up Table Rock with my son and some friends. Parked right out front you cant miss the 'Sockeye Railroad' train car. I had to know more, so here is the fascinating history, present stats and future for this historic Boise railcar.

The railcar has a lot of interesting history. According to CBS2 it was originally built in 1883 and officially known as Oregon Railroad and Navigation Co. Coach 94. It had a long and successful 50 year run and retired from railroad duty in 1933. Shortly after it found a new home and new job. The old rail car was parked on the Boise Bench on Rose Hill and turned into a popular little bar known as "The Trolly". While most people loved the spot, clearly someone didn't because sadly in 2006 someone set it on fire and it was destroyed. Boo. It sat sad and burnt up for three years until....

According to KIVI6, in 2009 Sockeye Brewing's owner, Fred Shuerman bought it and has been slowly resorting it since. Wow, that is a long and dedicated project. He has been looking forward to bringing some local history back to life and to celebrate Sockeye Brewings 25th birthday, he had the old train car brought in by crane to its (hopefully) final resting place. It sits right alongside the front of the restaurant attached to the far right patio.

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The outside of the train car has already been resorted beautifully and the inside is well on its way. I spoke to a Sockeye manager who said they are currently in the process of some final things to the inside and hope to have it ready by August for special event rentals. Restorations especially one of this magnitude take a lot of time, especially to be done right. 

This seems like a unique spot to host a dinner party, family reunion, wedding party, cooperate or business events and more. I for one am a sucker for history and make overs so I can't wait to see the finished project.

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