Exploring New Horizons: Proposed Train Connecting Boise to Las Vegas

Exciting news for Boise residents and travel enthusiasts! The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has applied for a grant to explore a potential rail service connecting Boise, Idaho, to Las Vegas, Nevada, with a crucial stop in Salt Lake City. Dubbed the "Desert Wind Corridor" project, this initiative promises to revolutionize travel in the region by offering a convenient and scenic alternative to driving or flying.

The proposed route is part of a broader plan to enhance intercity passenger rail services, supported by the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. If the grant is approved, Boise could soon become a key hub in this modern transportation network. The estimated travel time between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas is expected to be between 7 and 9.5 hours each way, similar to the former Amtrak service discontinued in 1997.

Photo by Hansel Wong on Unsplash
Photo by Hansel Wong on Unsplash

But that's not all! Another promising project, the "Pioneer Corridor," aims to connect Caldwell to Salt Lake City, making additional stops in cities like Boise and Ogden. This route would take approximately 7.5 hours each way, providing more travel options for Idahoans.

The Idaho Transportation Department, along with the city of Boise, UTA, and UDOT, are collaborating on these ambitious proposals. With decisions on the $500,000 grants expected in September.

Imagine leisurely traveling through the stunning landscapes of Idaho, Utah, and Nevada without the stress of long drives or airport hassles. This rail service could open new tourism, business, and personal travel possibilities, strengthening connections between these vibrant cities.

Stay tuned as we await further developments. Let's hope these projects move forward, bringing a new era of rail travel to Boise and beyond!

For more details, check out the full article on The Salt Lake Tribune.

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