Sheriff Deputies were responding to a domestic violence call and found a woman standing in the middle of the street with a shotgun pointed at them.  When she wouldn't put the shotgun down, things went very bad.

This story just broke so details are scarce.  We'll keep you posted as developments roll in but here's what we have so far.  According to KTVB the shooting took place in Gooding County after the woman refused to not only put the rifle down but to even lower it.  She kept pointing it at deputies who were obviously concerned for their own safety.

After taking every precaution possible the deputies had no choice but to shoot her.  We don't know where she was shot or the extent of her injury at this time.  We do know that the woman was alive when being transported to a medical facility.  The identity of the woman has not been released yet and the Twin Falls Fire Department is currently leading the investigation.

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