After a long day of fishing, paddle boarding and sunshine I was looking for something substantially satisfying. We also didn't wrap up our playing until well after 9pm. On a Sunday that makes it a bit tricky to find a place to eat since so many places close early. We also couldn't go anywhere were being properly dressed was a necessity. We just spent the day playing on the water and while everyone had shirts, shorts and shoes we looked a little rough around the edges.

Luckily that didn't matter at all to this wonderful little café. From the outside it looks like nothing super special. You may have driven by 100 times before really noticing. Or maybe you have just never heard of it. Merritt's Family Restaurant has been serving on state street since 1975. For many many years, they were open 24/7, now they open 6am to midnight. The food was great too. My man had the eggs benedict and I had a Philly with fries. The food satisfied, but nothing can top the scones.

These are not your average scone, in fact they are nothing like what I would consider a 'scone' - you know the usually triangle shaped pastry thing that resembles the taste of a dry but denser muffin. Anyway, these scones are NOTHING like those scones.

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These 'scones' were an unbelievable cross between an elephant ear and a churro, coated with powdered sugar - or cinnamon and topped with your choice of fruit, or other available toppings. They even make ones that are 'Sunday' inspired with ice cream. I had the raspberry scone (not on the menu, you have to ask for it) and my man had the Dutch Babies, which were mini scones with a special butter and lemon. Sounds like a strange combo but so amazing.

There are over 1,500 Google reviews with an average rating of a 4.4. The people who didn't give it a perfect score, clearly didn't have a scone there. Nothing but 5 stars all day for the scones! They are in Boise at 6630 W State St. Enjoy :)

Photo by Nikki West
Photo by Nikki West


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