I know, I know... It's the week of Thanksgiving and we are all in the spirit of giving and gratitude, but when I found out about the history behind this Idaho restaurant I just had to share. 


The White Horse Saloon has the most active paranormal activity of any restaurant in the state.


The restaurant/saloon/ 8 room hotel has been in the area of Spirit Lake since 1908 and hardly anything has changed in nearly 110 years.


The original hardwood floors are still there. The bar tops, staircase, and creepy iron prison bars that separate the hotel have been there from the beginning.


The biggest problem at The White Horse Saloon is a spirit that the locals call "Big Girl."


"Big Girl" is a former maid of the hotel whose son died while crossing the street.


She is known to lurk around Rm 2 in particular, but her spirit has been felt throughout the building.


Here's some of the things people have reported seeing and hearing

  • flying dishes
  • slamming doors
  • spirits in the hallways
  • footsteps
  • people dining alone have felt a presence sitting next to them