Ok who is sitting on a million dollar raffle ticket in the gem state? Leading up to the holidays the Idaho lottery sold 250,000 raffle tickets with one being worth $1 Million. The tickets all sold out before Thanksgiving. The winning raffle number was drawn and announced on December 29th. It has now been over 90 days since the winning numbers were announced and no one has come forward to claim their cash prize.

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Check your wallet, check your drawers, check your glove box check your paper piles. You may have bought 3 to 4 months ago and forgot. Now it could be worth a million dollars.

According to KTVB, "Each year, between $3.3 million and $4.8 million in winning prizes from the Idaho Lottery go unclaimed. If a prize is not claimed by its owner at the end of the fiscal year, the money returns to beneficiaries of the Idaho Lottery, including Idaho public schools, the Bond Levy Equalization Fund and the Department of Administration’s Permanent Building Fund."

The Idaho Lottery rules for the raffle say that the winner has 180 days to claim their money. If you have a ticket you must sign the back for it to be valid. Any prize over $1,000 need to be claimed at the Idaho Lottery headquarters in downtown Boise near the post office.

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