For several weeks, the International House of Pancakes has teased their new name change: IHOb. Now, we've been able to guess what the "b" stands for. The majority of the guesses pointed to #Bacon on Twitter, followed by #Barnacles (not kidding), then #biscuits (yum). But honestly, I don't think anyone saw this coming.

IHOP, announced this morning that the "b" in their temporary name change stands for.....wait for it...BURGERS! That's right, after 60 years, they've changed their name to celebrate the debut of their new 'Ultimate Steakburgers'. As you can expect, the internet went a little crazy. One twitter user (@_SenorJoel) said "Burgers. IHOP became The International House of Burgers. Not Breakfast. Not bacon. Burgers. I need a moment guys."

I'm actually ok with this, I mean, it's genius! stir the pot, make people go crazy, then bring on the good food! I'm excited to check them out. How about you? CLICK HERE for a full list of IHOB locations here in Idaho!

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