I love wine, but don't consider myself a wino or wine connoisseur of any kind. I am not super well versed in the wine world but I know a good tasting glass when I drink it. I met some girlfriends last weekend at The Village at Meridian. We had reservations for Yard House which was ho so yummy but since there was a long, long wait we first met up at Bodovino. This was my first time, and oh boy was it fantastic.

Different than any wine bar I have ever been to with a unique way to get your drinks. Rather than looking at a menu and waiting for your server to bring it to you, at Bodovino you just get it yourself. You don't even have to touch a bottle to do it. When the server explained it to me he said 'It's like a slot machine for wine' I am not sure if that is the most accurate description but close.

You pay a one time charge of $3 for the card and then charge up as much on the card as you want. I started with $25. Then you take your card and glass and can check out all of the wines available and there are a lot. When your wine is selected you put your card in the slot and choose how much of that particular wine you want poured. Prices vary depending on the wine and the amount you want.

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I loved it so much. First I had a red the Estate Vinyards Amavi Cellars Syrah - 2018 Walla Walla Valley. I honestly just tried it because I liked the bottle, then I liked it so much I had a second glass. Next I tried a nice cold white. I went for a sweet and enjoyed the Cascina Del Santuario Moscato D'Asti. It was marvelous. Bodovino has two locations. The one at The Village and one downtown. This spot would be great for a night out with friends, date night or just a relaxing glass or two to yourself.

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