We've seen some very talented Lip Sync videos from law enforcement around the United States of America.  The Caldwell Police Department has enjoyed success at the top with what most are saying THE best video in Idaho and it's a video that has earned them national attention with their unique approach using multiple songs, themes, and storylines to get their point across.  You can check out their video below.

Good stuff right?  Right!  But the Boise Police Department has put a spin on things that I haven't seen before.  Combining FUN with a sentimental tribute to the men, women, and dogs who've sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.  Specifically, the BPD honors Officer Mark Stall who lost his life 21 years ago while serving for the great city of Boise.

Credit: Tmux via YouTube
Credit: Tmux via YouTube

Boise's video captures the magic of life, fun, passion, hard work, sadness, grief, and appreciation with music from The Greatest Showman.  'This Is Me' is the perfect song to open up a flood of emotions that we, all of us who call Boise home can appreciate those who strap their boots on every day, step out on to the front lines of our streets and protect each and every one of us so that WE can live, love, and experience all that we are grateful for.  A city we're proud of.  A city with excitement, adventure, beauty, good people, great food, and a city we all call HOME.

I applaud the Boise Police Department for this video.  I applaud them for the many tedious tasks they perform on a daily basis that go unnoticed.  The small things they do that we all take for granted.  The long hours, the time away from their family, the abuse, the low pay, the danger, the difficult decisions they HAVE to make in a split second to take or not take a life, YES, these are my people.  These men and women give up everything for YOU.  And for ME.  I'm SOOOOOO grateful for their service and I celebrate this beautiful video with our entire city.  Magnificent!  Absolutely magnificent!

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