I grew up in Sunny Tucson Arizona. It was hot, full of saguaros and the time didn't ever change. I distinctly remember visiting my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins when I was about 12 in St. Louis Missouri. We were there during daylight savings time. Being young and naïve to it, I straight up thought everyone was playing a joke on me. I had never heard of anything like that and it made no sense at all. Sure enough they all changed their clocks and I went on thinking the world was crazy. 20- something years later, I am now very accustom to it after living in Alaska, Oregon and now Idaho, who all do the time change.

So is it worth it, why do we still do it and who, if anyone is it benefiting?

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Sleep experts for years have raised the concern of the change on our internal clock, worrying that resetting it twice a year will and does have negative effects on our bodies. To be honest, as much as I would love to be that kind of person who falls asleep and wakes up at the same time every day, I am not. I have tried and come to the conclusion I most likely never will be, so this one doesn't really mean that much to me.

Historically speaking the daylight savings was done for farmers to be able to take advantage of the most light during waking hours. Nowadays, even most farmers are not into daylight savings anymore and it is not having a big impact positively for anything.

What do you think? Daylight savings - time to keep it or kick it?


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