Seems like every time I say it's going to snow around here the "Snow Police" come out and tell how this is not snow.  It's rain or sleet or hail or some other form of frozen ice that I don't know about.  I'm looking out my back window right now and I'm pretty sure it's safe to say, it's snowing here in downtown Boise.

Now let's not get too excited.  This is a light snow that has pretty much no chance of sticking but yes, it is snow.  The snow should continue throughout this afternoon and into the evening tonight with some areas getting rain instead.  This is a one day quick hit because while temperatures will only be in the mid to upper 30's tomorrow, we'll have mostly sunny skies.

We are supposed to get moisture back this weekend but temperatures should be warmer meaning we'll get a little rain.  It doesn't look as if any significant snow is in the near future for us.

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