Thanksgiving is the holiday that gets the shaft because we're all so eager to jump into that Christmas fever right?  Well, yes but now Halloween?  Really?🎃👻🍬

Head into your favorite store right now... yes, it's the beginning of October and this is what you'll see...

Credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images

Whoah Whoah Whoah... and I'm not talking reindeer type of whoah.  I'm talking we just finished up with 90 plus degree weather summertime and CHRISTMAS 🎄 is all over the store shelves.  I'm looking to stock up on candy corn, pumpkin-shaped Reese's Pieces, and I'm running into candy canes and Santa chocolates?  NO NO NO NO!

I used to be part of a small group called 'SAVE THANKSGIVING' which was an organization that prohibited us from buying, speaking, or doing anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving was over.  Now we're fresh out of September and dealing with this.  EeeeGhad!

I'm calling on all WOW listeners to join me in my fight to save Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I know you feel my pain.  My love for Christmas is STRONG but I treat all of our holidays equally.  They're all my babies and right now my little Halloween baby and Thanksgiving baby are sad.  So join me, stay strong and let's focus on Halloween.  Why?  Because it's October.  Halloween time... remember.  Now get out there and do it.  GOD BLESS 👼